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4 Mistakes You Made When Striking Out with a Millionaire Man

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If you have dated wealthy men in the past, but were surprised to learn that they suddenly lost interest in you, you may be feeling a bit down in the dumps. It is unfair that the people we really like don’t always have the respect and honesty to explain what happened. But in case you’re scratching your head, let’s try to explain what most rich men seem to dump women they’re dating.

1.You were too easy.
Frankly, if a man knows he can bed you on the first or second date, there just isn’t a lot of incentive to get him interested in the long-term. Too many women do this, hoping to impress him sexually, when in fact they are putting all their cards on the table and leaving nothing to the imagination. Once the man takes an easy girl to bed, he is able to look past sexual tension and see personality quirks or differences that bother him. This is why practically every modern woman’s dating book will tell you: don’t you dare sleep with him until he falls for you.

2.You were just not that interesting.
While some rich men do enjoy entertaining the company of sugar babies and buying gifts for them in exchange for affection, this really isn’t enough to last long-term. Many rich men, especially as they get older, want to find a woman that intellectually satisfies them. This ideal woman may be interested in social causes, politics, religion or some other activity that is close to her heart. A man that has the entire world, materially, still desires to meet a soul mate. And if he is very worldly-wise and active in social causes, that means his ideal mate will be too. If you’re still chattering away about uninteresting things, it’s only a matter of time before he moves on.

In fact, some millionaire men intentionally look for interracial partners because they want something new—they want to experience a different culture and talk to a woman who has something interesting to say about life, and not just a bunch of “American Woman” clichés.

3.He was married!
Sad to say a lot of men pretend to be married. The richer they are, the more easier it is to hide evidence of a wife and family. Be sure to notice the signs before the revelation is revealed. Does he never seem to invite you over? Is there a no calling policy after a certain time? Does he seem to avoid you out in public? These may be red flags that you are the “other woman” and needless to say, these relationships hardly ever work out for the best.

4.He thought you were financially immature.
Sometimes a man can tolerate some degree of immaturity…like flirty behavior or silly jokes. Maybe even a love of all things Transformers or Pokemon. But one thing is for sure—if he sees that you are financially immature he will immediately disqualify you for marriage material. Wealthy men take their fortune seriously and will not become yoked with someone that spends recklessly, gets into further debt and splurges without any mind as to budgeting.

Finding a rich man requires that you have your head on straight and have life goals that are comparable to his own. Impress him with your mind, your body and your outlook on life and he will become smitten!

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