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Match Million Review

Founded on:2014

Company :Match Million Inc

Area served:Wordlwide


If there’s one thing you’d expect from a dating site designed to cater to wealthy men and the women that want to meet them, it’s that the site would exude class – Match Million definitely lives up to this expectation. And the name is quite similar with But in fact, it’s probably not a stretch to describe this site as the classiest dating site in the millionaire dating site niche. There are a lot of dating sites in this niche so that’s not an empty compliment. The question is do the features and the content match its sophisticated appearance? The answer is a resounding yes! is packed full of all the features you’d expect in a top end dating site and it’s well laid out and organized. The sites main page features numerous testimonials and other great information you can use in making an informed decision on whether or not it’s for you. A site with the class of is likely to get noticed and this has resulted in this site being featured on Cosmopolitan, San Francisco Chronicle, Delfi, and Vanity Fair.

Sign Up
In the first step of the sign up process you’ll be asked to create a user name, enter your birthdate, and to indicate your gender. After that you’ll be sent a confirmation email so that can confirm you’ve provided a valid email address – once you’ve confirmed your email you’ll be able to begin using the site. There are about 5 other steps to creating a complete profile, but completing these is entirely up to you. You can choose to provide as much, or as little information as you like.

Other information that you can choose to provide includes your income, your net worth, your passions and what you’re looking for in an ideal mate, your location, information about your appearance, and photos of yourself. Obviously the more information you provide the more likely you are to find a compatible match, but it’s nice that they make the choice your own. One of the most frustrating things about many dating sites is that you’re forced to fill out endless amounts of information.

A basic membership is free and will allow you to perform full searches and contact other members through email. You don’t have to worry about any restrictions – your free membership allows you access to all of the sites features, which is definitely not the norm. This might leave you wondering why you’d need to bother with any paid services on this site, but they do actually exist and they are also quite different from what you’d find on other sites.’s paid service is called Noir and it’s nothing like the paid membership you’ll find on other dating sites in this niche. With Noir you don’t have to worry about searching through thousands of members manually trying to find the perfect match because they do it for you. You get your own personal assistant that takes care of everything for you. This is an amazing service, but it comes at a cost – a Noir membership will set you back $999. This is several times more expensive than premium memberships on other sites, but it’s also a much better service.

With a standard free membership you can:
·Advanced search including numerous filters
·View full member profiles
·Send and receive emails
·Access to the sites blog

A Noir membership has several advantages. These include:
·Personal assistant performs searches for you
·Counselling and advice on dating from a live consultant
·They will fill out your profile for you to make it more appealing
·Assistance with travel and car services
·24 hour access to dating concierge hotline
·Flower and restaurant service
·Featured profiles

Why Join
This site is the cream of the crop in the millionaire dating sites niche. Even free members get more access to features than you’ll find anywhere else. You can view full profile information, perform advanced searches, and participate in two way conversations via email. In contrast, most dating sites in this niche only allow you to view partial profiles and don’t let you send emails.

The Noir service is even more impressive. With this service you’ve got a much better chance of finding the right match as you’ll receive advice and help from a professional dating concierge 24 hours per day. They not only perform searches for you, they’ll also complete your profile for you and provide you with a lot of other premium and personalized services.

If you’re looking for a dating site that stands out from the crowd, is the perfect solution. This is a premium dating site in a premium niche category. With hands on, personalized service, this site was designed with the wealthy in mind. It may cost a little more, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

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