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Don’t Do These 7 Things When Dating a Millionaire

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Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to date a millionaire today? No one would turn down the chance to date a rich and famous Hollywood celebrity, an A list sports star or even a wealthy business tycoon. However, when it comes to millionaire dating, there are certain things that you have to ensure that you never do. When you are dating a millionaire, it is very likely that you are going to experience a very different social environment and you have to be prepared to embrace that otherwise you risk losing their interest and they will walk away from you.

There are lots of things that can go wrong and mistakes that you can make, which can quickly make your millionaire date lose their interest in you. However, we have decided to highlight some of the most important ones that you can easily avoid.

So here are the 7 most crucial things that you should avoid doing when you are dating a millionaire:

1.Obviously showing your interest in their money
This one is the biggest turnoff for millionaires. If you show more interest in their money than them, you are bound to be left in the dust, quicker than you can say millionaire. It is one of the most important things that you must remember when you actually get the chance to date a millionaire. You have to make them believe that you are interested in them and are not a gold-digger who is only after the riches and the millionaire lifestyle. So make sure that you don’t go gaga over their bank account and remember to show them importance for who they are not for what they can do for you.

2.Show poor etiquette and bad manners
When you are dating a millionaire, remember that you are dating some of the elitist people. They are from the upper-class and they will have a certain lifestyle that commands good manners and exemplary etiquettes. They will expect you to be the same way and that means being on your best behavior at all times. This means no excessive alcohol consumption, loud and rude talking, sexist behavior, bad table manners and salacious remarks or jokes. You need to show a modicum of class in the way you walk and talk, which will be the least that will be expected from you when you are dating a millionaire.

3.Have poor or cheap dressing sense
It goes without saying that millionaires have a great dressing sense and you will never find them dressed cheaply or imperfectly. If you are dating a millionaire, you need to freshen up your wardrobe and dress stylishly. This doesn’t mean that you should only opt for designer clothing, since it doesn’t take a lot of money and effort to dress stylishly. You should also ensure that you have good sense of style and good taste in clothing, since that will appeal to your millionaire date. Unfortunately, when you are dating a millionaire, there will be a lot of weight put on your dressing, since it will constantly be under scrutiny from the media and the Paparazzi.

4.Have tattoos or piercings
Unless you are dating a rock star or a heavy metal band member, it is never a good idea to wear piercings or sport tattoos. Even though a lot of millionaires today have got body art and do wear piercings, it is a good idea to be not so open about wearing piercings in public or showing your tattoos when you go out to charity events and functions.

5.Be pushy or controlling
This is a serious no-no when you are dating a millionaire, since they don’t want to be controlled and will only do what pleases them. They believe that their success and wealth entitles them to be the master of their own destiny and life, which is why they will not tolerate a controlling or pushy person in their life. When you are dating a millionaire, it is important that you are comfortable with that person and who they are as an individual. They know what they are doing and you should let them do what they want, since they like to be in control.

6.Have poor hygiene
This is a major turn-off for most millionaires and they will drop you like a sack of old clothing, if you smell or look dirty. You have to practice good hygiene and always smell nice, and clean both inside and outside. A lot of people will have their eyes on you and your millionaire partner, so make sure that you don’t embarrass them, or else you can say goodbye to dating them anymore.

7.Be completely dependent on them
Most millionaires today are self-made, which means that they will have little tolerance for someone who throws tantrums or creates drama. They prefer dating people who are highly ambitious and are goal-oriented themselves, and will not tolerate you being completely dependent upon them for everything. Remember that being strong-willed and independent is a turn-on for most people and millionaires admire people who have strong values and are focused on their own careers.

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