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The Top Ten Places to Meet and Date Rich Men

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A lot of beautiful young women would love to have the opportunity to meet, and end up dating, the rich man of their dreams. This is a great fantasy, but how on earth do you actually find that real life prince charming? It’s not an easy task, but if you’re a little resourceful it is doable. Here are the top ten places to meet and date rich men.

#1 Visit the pubs and hangouts near their places of employment. If you do a little research you should be able to find out where the pubs and coffee shops are that rich lawyers, doctors, and stock brokers in your area hang out. Chances are they’ll be near their places of employment so that they can easily pop in before or after work.

#2 Find out where the fashionable night clubs are in your town. Many rich and successful executives are just as likely to get out and let their hair down on the weekend as anybody else. Find out where the upscale nightclubs are in your area and get out there. The admission fee may be a little expensive, but if you land the rich man of your dreams it will be worth it.

#3 Attend local charity events. It’s not unusual for the wealthy to want to give a little bit back to the community by supporting their local charities. Find out when the big charity events are in your area and get yourself out there – you just might find the rich man of your dreams.

#4 Treat yourself to the spa. Go get a manicure and a massage at a nearby spa and you just might have the opportunity to meet up with a rich guy treating themselves to a little relax time. These places are going to cost you a bit, but the rewards can definitely outweigh the costs if you can meet up with a rich man that finds you irresistible.

#5 Try and land yourself tickets to movie premiers and other similar events. The rich and famous just love to attend these types of events, and while it might not be easy, if you can land yourself tickets to these events, and perhaps even the after party, there’s a good chance you’ll be presented with the opportunity to find a rich man of your own.

#6 Think about joining or taking out a trial membership at a high end gym. Rich people are just as inclined to try and fit in a little gym time as the next guy, but they’re not going to hit the local YMCA. Find out where the upscale gyms are in your area and consider taking out a trial membership. It might be a little out of your price range, but even upscale gyms will usually have some kind of trial offer to let you try it out – you just have to work quickly!

#7 Consider taking up the game of golf. If you’re committed to doing everything possible to find the rich man of your dreams golf is the perfect game to get you in the door. There are a lot of businessmen out on the golf course working a deal, get out your clubs and tee up your man!

#8 A great place to meet rich men is at sporting events. If you can get tickets to attend the Super bowl you’re bound to have a chance to mingle with some wealthy people, but even regular season games in any of the major sports can be an opportunity to rub elbows with the upper echelon. You may have to be a little resourceful, but the opportunity definitely exists.

#9 Major tech launch parties have become almost as popular as movie premiers for the wealthy. Rich people want to be were big things are happening, and in today’s high tech world launch parties for the next big gadget are front and center. You’re bound to find quite a few wealthy people at these events – it’s just a matter of connecting.

#10 Millionaire dating websites are a great place to meet rich people. This may be one of the best ways to meet the rich man of your dreams. Rich guys often don’t have time to waste on traditional courting rituals and so they turn to dating sites instead. Most of these sites are fairly reasonably priced, and often have a free standard membership for the young and beautiful lady.

The Final Word
Rich men are not going to go out of their way to find you, so if you’re serious about finding the rich man of your dreams you’re going to have to go out and get him. Fortunately there are a lot of places you may have the opportunity to meet up with wealthy men as we’ve outlined above. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

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