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Is dating with millionaire same as it’s shown in social media?

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Dating with a rich and wealthy man is something every girl is dreaming about. Fame, money and extremely expensive items are a description of glamorous and luxurious life. Who doesn’t want to date a millionaire?

There’s many TV shows like patti's millionaire matchmaker showing the lifestyle of rich and famous, and perfectly hiding all negative aspects and drama. TV programs tend to creative a pure, non-stressed lifestyle with full of joy, which obviously is available only for those with a proper amount of cash. Although it’s really hard for normal class people to date a millionaire, this desire is more popular than ever, just because of social media and the way of creating life.

We assume that obviously not all dating and living with a millionaire on your side, will have hidden little, dirty secrets. But in most of cases, social media create a general impression which might be far away from the real life.

The image of dating a wealthy person is kind of a stereotype of luxury life, non-stop shopping sprees, no need to work and no worries. It’s creating a wrong view that money can solve everything and bring pure happiness. This is obviously not true. Of course money is important for proper functionalization in a society but this is not all we need. It’s said that “Money is a root of evil” and we need to agree on this. Social media claims that dating a millionaire is like winning a jackpot and you don’t need to worry about you future for the rest of life, especially if you got married to a wealthy person or rich business. The truth might be far away from this statement. As a person from lover society class you are obliged to see your wealthy partner as a kind of God who is willing to open his/her wallet if you behave properly.

Since we do love money, what’s the big deal to show respect to your partner? The difference is showing respect to get proper amount of cash and showing respect to others because you love them. What’s not visible in social media as well is the fact that in rich man’s world there’s no space for love and any serious commitments. Having a wife is a must; have a lover or two is even obliged. Spending time with a wife is a part of marriage deal and spending time with a mistress is a pure joy. Cheating and all relationship drama is a part of the game. Don’t we hear many gossips and stories about how celebs are willing to cheat and break up with each other just to start new relationship right away? This is something way too much common. If you are a person who need a stable relationship full of love, dating millionaire is definitely not for you.

Dating a rich guy might be challenging and it’s definitely different that the image we use to see in social media. While social media creates a happy lifestyle with no regrets, real life is hard with many disappointing drama.

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