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Best clubs for millionaires in famous cities around the world

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Being rich doesn’t mean that you experienced everything and there’s nothing more you can do during free time. Vacations at home near beach or exclusive cruise around the world do not count anymore. Now Billionaires and Millionaires are expecting something new and they want to be a part of something special. Due to the relatively new phenomenon of private membership clubs, they are getting what they want, paying a huge amount of cash.

Here’s our ultimate list of most famous and best clubs for wealthy people.
·The CORE. An exclusive club launched back in 2005, located in Manhattan, New York. Not only it’s a place where rich people can have lots of fun, but it’s a museum and gallery as well. Core is a place where your both: body and soul can find excitement and discover new things. Located in the heart of New York, gives best opportunities to meet famous celebrities.

·The Millionaire Underdog Club, located in Stockholm is a great place for investors, business owners and rich people who are willing to support local businessman. What’s more it’s easy to find celebrities there, especially those one who are into making money. If you are wealthy and want to grow up your business, this is ideal place for you.

·Exclusive Resorts, a private membership club founded in 2002, located in Denver offers its 1,600 members a portfolio of real estate valued at over $750 million. This is great club for those millionaires who are into buying buildings and have a taste in architecture. Full membership runs around $30,000 per year.

·The Yellowstone Club, located in Yellowstone, USA is a private ski and golf community. Many wealthy people, like Bill Gates for example, are members there. Yearly membership cost around $2 million and gives you an opportunity to use 10 private properties worldwide without further reservation.

·Solstice Homes, club based in California is a destination place for all wealthy man across USA. This is perfect spot for holidays around pretty, outstanding and breathtaking nature, delicious wine and a lot of privacy. You can choose destinations like Italy, France or UK.

·Emperor’s Club, is a Colorado based club which is international to join. If you are into cruise, having private jets and several islands. This is a perfect place for you. Membership starts from $575,000 per year.

·Quintess has many benefits to members. The benefits to joining Quintess aren’t limited to the club’s 12 destinations, which include Paris, Jackson Hole and St. Thomas. They have exclusive access to reservations, private jets, ships and cars. What’s more members also have the ability to add four members of their immediate family to their Quintess plan. Prices start from $345, 000 a year.

·The Markers Golfers’ Residence Club, founded in April 2005 is a multiplication club with a golf twist. With luxurious private residences in locations as St. Andrew’s, Scotland and Kauai, Hawaii for sure you will find your perfect place here.

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