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6 Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Millionaire Men

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When you’re dating a rich man, or even if you’re hoping to do so in the near future, there are some important things to keep in mind. Sure there are some millionaire men that had their fortunes handed to them by a rich daddy, but most of the millionaire men you’ll meet made their money through hard work and perseverance. They have strongly defined tastes, and they have high expectations. If you want to impress them you’re going to have to work at it. Think of your date as an interview process – you wouldn’t go into a job interview without doing your homework, don’t go on a date with a rich man without being prepared either. Here are 6 do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind when dating a rich man.

#1 Consider your words carefully. Millionaire dating for women is not that easy since millionaire men are generally well educated, and if they’re not they’re self-taught – either way they know how to react in any situation, and they normally know the right thing to say. They’re confident, and their speech is always measured. If you want to extend your relationship beyond the first date you’ll want to make sure you speak with a purpose. Before you go out on the date learn all you can about the man you’re going out with and his background. He’ll be impressed that you know a little bit about what he does.

#2 Dress for success. This one may seem a little cliché, but it’s an extremely important thing to consider. If you’re going to dinner with a rich successful man it’s probably not a good idea to wear yoga pants on your date – no matter how good you look in them. Most men don’t mind leaving a little to the imagination. By all means wear clothing that accentuates your better features, but do it with class.

#3 Wear the right accessories. This one’s related to the previous step, but it might be even more important. If you find the perfect outfit and then ruin it with some cheap plastic earrings, you may very well be kicking yourself when they don’t call you back. Find the perfect scarf to finish off your outfit, think about the little details.

#4 Apply your makeup carefully. Makeup worn properly can accentuate a woman’s beauty and make her almost irresistible, but too much make up can have the opposite effect – think Mimi on the Drew Carey Show. Use makeup as another tool in your arsenal – don’t let it become a distraction. When applied properly makeup can finish off an outfit perfectly.

#5 Do your homework. If you’re date tells you where you’re going and you’ve never been there before do a little homework – find out what the dress code is and find out all you can about the place. Knowledge really is power. If he tells you he wants to make it a surprise, at least insist on knowing what the dress code is so that you don’t look out of place.

#6 Inhibitions can be your friend. We’re not suggesting you have to be totally reserved and act like a stick in the mud, but you shouldn’t act like a clown either. Don’t be loud and obnoxious, and don’t try to make yourself the center of attention, this type of behaviour is not normally welcome. If you’re not sure how to act, take your cues from your date and others around you.

The Final Word
If you want to cultivate a relationship with a rich and successful man, you need to be mindful of both your appearance and how you act. Some clothes are simply inappropriate in particular situations, and too much makeup is never attractive. Your appearance is almost as important as what you have to say, but not quite. Make sure when you speak you have something intelligent or witty to say. Don’t just speak for the sake of speaking. If you keep all of these things in mind that first date may just grow into many more.

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