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The Millionaire Matchmaker TV Show Effects to Online Millionaire Dating Services

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The Millionaire Matchmaker TV show is all about finding love based on an individual’s characteristic like being rich rather than that person’s character such as having integrity or being honest. This show somehow goes against other people’s core beliefs about dating but it cannot be denied that this still captivates people’s interest and attention and somehow changes the way how online dating services go.

The Woman behind “The Millionaire Matchmaker” TV Show
Patti Stanger, the executive producer and star of the “The Millionaire Matchmaker” is a third-generation experienced matchmaker. She also founded the Millionaire’s Club in January 2000. Starting from initial meetings to marriage proposals, the club works closely with clients on individual basis and efficiently coaches particular members all through each and every stage of the dating process. This is done by providing them with tailored feedbacks every step of the way. Together with her highly trained staff, Patti Stanger personally matches each member based on their exact requirements and preferences.

How this Show Works
For individuals who are not completely familiar with “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, here is a rundown on how the show really works:

Every episode opens with Patti Stanger herself interviewing two millionaires who are single and looking for love. To get to the bottom of who among these two guys a woman is actually looking for, Patti Stanger ask several questions regarding their dating history such as:

·Who their dream girl is
·Why are they single
·What are they looking for
·Do they want kids
·Are they butt, legs or boobs man
·What their last relationship feels like

Once she has this strong feel about these guys and the things they are actually looking for, she quickly gives them advice on how to become successful daters. This might include dating women who are closer to their age and steer clear of gold diggers.

The Millionaire Matchmaker’s Effect on Online Dating Services
Because of the wide ranging fame and influence of The Millionaire Matchmaker, many high powered and rich women are now turning into matchmaking services to find love. Millionaires also develop the urge of meeting and socializing with women that matches their preference and ideals. These men get to meet many beautiful women that were exclusively handpicked for them.

Patti Stanger of “The Millionaire Matchmaker”- Do Not be Afraid of Online Dating
With Patti Stanger’s statement “do not be afraid of online dating. Many will surely be lured to try and consider online millionaire dating services. Patti Stanger met her present boyfriend on the Plenty of Fish website so she can attest that online dating is not just safe but fun at the same time. Gone are the days that individuals need to go out, visit bars or party all night just to meet someone. It is true that finding love is not that easy but if you know where to find it, you can definitely find the right one. The Millionaire Matchmaker therefore has big effects on online dating services these days and the way people demand for these services.

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