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Is a love between old millionaire lady and young attractive guy possible?

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The love between old rich guys and pretty sexy and young lady is nothing new. Is it something we saw in social media and TV shows almost all the time. Lots of famous and successful Hollywood people tend to marry and date girls who could be their daughters. This model of relationship is pretty “normal” if we can call it as normal as it can be. It’s not a taboo topic anymore and does not bring that much controversy as before. However, it seems that love between an old and wealthy lady and young, attractive guy brings more negative than positive opinions. Is such love even possible? Let’s find out.

The get answer for our question, at first we shall think who we can call an old and wealthy lady. Is it someone who is more like a cougar or rather an old woman who had been a successful CEO in the past? Unfortunately, most of the people misunderstand cougars ( an old woman who catch up young guys for sex only and sometimes taking money for it) with someone who had been successful all life and just become old. Cougars have nothing to do with nice an old lady who happens to have lots of money on bank accounts. Old ladies do no search for young boys for sex purposes but rather for entertainment and having someone to hang out with. Due to society’s wrong thinking and superstitions, many old ladies who are meeting with attractive guys are misunderstood and called cougars, even if they are not.

When it comes to love between a cougar and young boy it seems to be impossible, because of the real characteristics of cougar dating and relationship. Lots of guys getting into such relations know that sex is the main point here and there’s no place for love and any deeper feelings. They want to know how it’s like to have sex with an old lady, and old ladies want to feel sexually satisfied.

When it comes to love between an old woman and young guy it’s clearly possible as long as the couple set some goals together to keep looking at the same future’s way. If an old millionaire guy can have 40 years younger, attractive wife and having a great life together, why an old wealthy woman can’t have it? Fairly speaking, everyone deserves to be loved doesn’t matter of age and financial status, why society do not let an older rich ladies to get into happy relationships?

Not all old ladies who happen to be rich and wealthy are trying to catch young guys for sex purposes. This is one of the superstitions which need to be declined by society one day. In most of the cases, such woman treats their lovers as grandsons by showing them love and affection at the same time.

If a young and attractive guy feels like having a serious relationship with an older lady, he doesn’t need to have a community agreement to do so. Nobody needs a permission to fall in love and share those special emotions.

In other words: is a love between old millionaire lady and young, attractive guy possible? The only answer here is YES.

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