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3 Reasons you Should Spend Time on a Woman before You Spend Money

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Do you remember when you were a kid and there was a toy you just had to have? At first you might have tried subtle hints with your parents, perhaps by showing them the toy in a catalogue and expressing how cool you though it was, but when that didn’t work you tried other tactics. Maybe you just told your parents you’d love that toy for your birthday, or for Christmas, and you were content to wait for one of those days to roll around. If you weren’t that patient perhaps you tried constant whining until your parents caved in and went out and bought it for you. What happened after you finally got that toy you just had to have? Chances are you grew bored of it pretty quickly.

You might be asking yourself what on earth does all that have to do with not spending money on a woman before you’ve spent the time, but the above analogy is very relevant to this situation. If you attempt to impress a woman by lavishing her with gifts, expensive dinners, and flowers it might impress her at first, but before you know it she’ll grow just as bored as you did as a kid once you’re parents bought you that toy you just had to have. Try getting to know them first. Here are three ways you can impress a woman and get to know them before you open up your wallet.

#1 Go for a couple of drinks first. Yes you’re going to spend a few bucks if you take a woman out for a few drinks, but nowhere near as much as you will if you take her out for an expensive dinner. If you think you’re uncomfortable spending all that money on expensive dinners with someone you barely know, don’t be surprised to find out that the woman is probably just as uncomfortable as you. When you spend a lot of money on someone they feel some sort of obligation towards you, this is no way to begin a meaningful relationship. Having a few drinks in an informal setting is a great way to break the ice, without either person feeling any pressure.

#2 Go for a nice walk. It may sound corny and old fashioned, but if you love the great outdoors why not share that love with your date? Chances are they love nature just as much as you do. So go for a walk on the beach, or perhaps there’s a nice trail in your area you can visit. Whatever you choose to do it won’t cost you a penny – except maybe an ice cream along the way. Again, this takes the pressure of the situation and allows you to both open up and be yourselves.

#3 Take them to an outdoor festival or concert. This is a really great idea when the nice weather hits. If you pay attention to your local newspapers, local TV, or checkout what’s going on in your area via online sources you’re bound to come across some free festivals or concerts in your area. This is a great place to take a date without spending any money and you can still have a great time. You don’t have to shower a date with lavish gifts, or impress them with limo rides – there’ll be plenty of time for all that once you know it’s getting serious.

The Final Word
There are lots of ways you can spend time with a woman and get to know her without splashing out the cash. The suggestions we’ve mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. When you spend money on someone they may be impressed at first, but this can also prevent you both from seeing that you just aren’t compatible. Give it time, let the relationship grow, and you’re bound to be happier in the long run.

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