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How to split the money if you are dating with a millionaire?

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Dating with millionaire might be a sophisticated task especially if you are fresh in this field and it’s your first wealthy guy you are dating. There might be much of disagreements and problems to solve while dating and one of them is money. People say that money is the root of evil and in this case, not handling money in a proper way might lead to breaking up. How to deal with money and how to split them if you are dating a millionaire? Here're few pieces of advice.

1.Do not be ashamed
There’s no need to feel ashamed while hanging out with your millionaire partner. Even though you do not have much money it’s okay to feel comfortable around your wealthy partner. All in all, he chooses you in front of thousand other ladies even he knows you are not that rich as he might be.

2.Look into future
We do not mean looking into future together with your millionaire spouse but searching a way to become successful as well. Why don’t you invest money on some stock or become a business partner? This is a great way to split money because your rich partner does not need to care too much about your income since you are going to increase it by yourself.

3.Propose to pay
Professional dating experts claim that while hanging out with a millionaire is it okay to let him pay for first 2 meetings (include dinner and some dessert) however, later on, next dates and meetings you can either pay for his meal as well or suggest a Dutch pay (split bill) and pay a half. With such behavior, your wealthy spouse will be assured that you love him, not his money.

4.Reject gifts
Every man is happy to give a present to the lady of his heart and millionaires are no exception.What;s more they are likely to do it often because of great income and financial situation. Expensive shoes and bags are a temptation for sure, however, you need to keep your mind clear and decline luxurious gifts if they appear too often. If your partner is trying to buy you some valuable item, try to pay for it with your own money, reject it or simply buy something nice for him as well.

5.Manage his money
At the one point of your relationship with a wealthy man, you will be able to manage his money and income. It means that his trust in you is huge and this might lead to marriage. By organizing his auctions, incomes, and dollar bills you will show that no matter how rich he is, you can keep everything in proper order. Lots of millionaires are looking for support and understanding via their partners.

6.Do not rely on his money all the time
Yes, he is rich however, it doesn’t mean that you need to suck off every single dollar from him. Be strong and independent. Work on your own carrier and try to focus on having bigger income to improve your financial ability. No millionaire wants to have a wife who is doing nothing and just spending hard worked money.

It seems like the relationship with a millionaire is not that hard as it supposes to be at first. All in all, you need to remember that you have own money as well and try to be independent in front of him. Suggest split money in different situations and make him feel you love himself, not his income. This way will lead you to a happy life together.

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