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What makes millionaire men In the United States and Europe love to date and marry Asian Women?

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You would be surprised to know that white millionaire men are so attracted and enticed by Asian women that they not early love to date but want to marry them too. This is really bizarre, but remember there is no rule for attraction. This is some sort of yellow fever where Asian girls are constantly admired by millionaire men.

According to the US census, there are 529,000 white male-Asian married couples. On the other hand, there are only 219,000 Asian male – white female married couples. Why there is so changed in behavior and different approaches? This phenomenon is not just confined to the US, but the same peculiar behavior is observed in the UK too. Richy rich man of the UK and America has depicted same demeanor when choosing and looking for a life partner.

Likewise, in a study carried out at the University of Cardiff in Wales in the U.K by cognitive psychologist Michael Lewis has shown similar results to the US census. In this study males and females were shown pictures on Facebook in order to rate it. Surprisingly, males voted Asian women as the most attractive one.

What is the perception of beauty being this millionaire’s man? These men perceive Asian women as the perfect wives. Asian women are not only docile and submissive, but also obedient and shy. This tender attitude, compliant in nature and shyness really tempt the white man. On the other hand, white man portrays a position of power having higher social status. They are globally desired. Asian women are down to earth while millionaire white man is all powerful. The combo is best fit to create a balance of power.

White millionaire men dating and marrying Asian women is not a new concept, but can be traced back to the age of colonization. Marrying a mystic creature from a far land has been in nature w of these white men. During the feminist movement in 1970s American women become not only uncontrollable. This is when rich American man's imagination really was allured by the submissive nature of Asian women.

From small wrist to the epicanthic fold and all the way down to dark eyes are considered very feminine by white man. Likewise, in Asian women, the importance of family is installed from the beginning, which allures these opulent, rich white men who really are looking forward to start a family. The best example is of Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook who married a Chinese-Vietnamese refugee Priscilla Chang.

To sum it up, millionaire rich white man are allured by Asian women as they tend to give them everything they could ask for, the perfect dream girl for them. From physical beauty to intellectual characteristic and all the way down to emotional tenderness, Asian women is a full package that matches perfectly with the ideal image of what the white man are looking for.

Secondly, Asian women make settling worthwhile. Elaborating it, they depict by their demeanor, how to support each other and to treat each other with respect. Dating Asian woman will make you realize that you can have have a happy relationship with a woman without playing power. The charm of novelty and personality traits of Asian women is responsible for making us fell in love with them. In a nutshell, Asian women are the perfect girls to end up in relationships with.

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