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How to introduce partner to a rich family

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Introducing partner to family is one of most important things which might happen during relationship. The way how your partner is going to be introduced will make effects on your future relations with him/her and your family as well. A scientist says it takes only 3 seconds to make a self-opinion about another person. First impression is highly important here. We would like to present few useful tips how to introduce your partner to a family for a great first impression and bright future.

·Warn him/ her about some family drama. Discuss any possible family situations and drama before the actual meeting. Further discussion about this will bring ides how to solve/ react on family drama, if it appears. Do mention that since your family is wealthy, parents might be skeptical at first about relationship. However tell your partner to smile a lot and say a joke or two, if you family likes to keep a good sense of humor. If you prepare your partner, everything should go smoothly.

·Prepare him/her for family traditions. Every family has traditions and rich families are more likely to hold them and care them a lot. Tell your partner about most important facts about your family and what kind of holidays they do celebrate. Don’t forget to mention about family’s background and origins. It might bring good topics to discuss and to show that your partner is interested in the family itself. Your partner will be prepared to any situation and will know how to react in proper way.

·Never say how wealthy your family is. Saying openly how rich is your family will bring more negatives than positives for sure. Your partner might become a typical “gold-digger” and will be more into your money than actual relationship. To avoid this, never start topics about money.

·Mention about gifts. It’s a great and very effective way, to visit family with a small gift. Even though it’s hard to find a perfect gift at first, even a small one would be appreciated here. Tell your partner some hints like what kind of flowers your mother like or what alcohol is father’s favorite one.

·Prepare your partner for many questions. Rich families are a bit skeptical and negative when it comes to relationships, especially between wealthy and non-wealthy partners. It means that your partner will be attacked with bunch of questions about his/her job, past, future and everything possible. Prepare your lover for that.

·Choose perfect place and time. Those both factors are crucial for effective and great partner introduction. As for the place it might be your parents’ home or their favorite restaurant. As for the time, it’s really hard to tell exactly when it’s THAT MOMENT to introduce. The time is perfect as long as you think he/ she is the one for you.

Introducing partner to a family is a hard part of love game, however if your parents are willing to accept your love, then it’s easier to overcome stress and any bad situations that might happen. We do have that with our few tips, this important moment will be less stressful and more pleasant for both parties.

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