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Millionaire, Sugar Daddy Apps. History and Future.

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Sugar Daddy Dating is one of a variety of love which can occur between men and women without any serious commitments further. It looks like a new development but it’s been around for ages in various possible ways.

How did Sugar Daddy Dating change during all those years? Is it more or less socially acceptable than it’s been before? Is it dangerous? If yes then who can feel as a victim here?

Sugar Daddy Dating seems like a quite new thing in the love industry but actually, it’s history dated back in medieval times when the ideal type of wife was “half of your age” plus 7 years more. The most famous early examples of Sugar Babies were royal mistresses. With financially supported by Kings, those ladies were living their lives to the fullest. Being smart enough they used King’s money and connection to support a good life of their beloved ones. Some of them by carrying King’s child had even more power than you could imagine.

In 19-century sugar, dating becomes quite viral as it’s still those days. By 1926, “Sugar Daddy” had become a well-known slang term for a man who spoils a younger female companion with gifts or money demanding not only sexual activities but spending free time in various ways.

The Sugar lifestyle grew in popularity due to Hollywood as well. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and How to Marry a Millionaire both came out in 1953 featuring beautiful, young women (both films starring Marilyn Monroe) in pursuit of wealthy benefactors who lost their minds. Breakfast at Tiffany’s came out in 1961 and quickly became a favourite of women everywhere as it touched the similar topic of dating.

In 2006, Brandon Wade launched the website SeekingArrangement. This marked the start of the modern Sugar arrangement and hit the spot over the Internet. Many guys all over the world started to seek for younger girls especially within Asian and European genes for romance and sexual purposes. Modern Sugar Babies are more into joining to help pay off the increasing costs of higher education. They are no longer interested in paying for a living and depends totally on their Daddies. Most of the Babes are not even sexually connected with Dads. Some of them even seek for a Baby with a wife’s approval. Of course, there are many variations of Sugar Daddy Dating. Lesbians and Gays have something to tell in this matter as well.

SeekingArrangement site had been a huge inspiration to the launch of many other Sugar dating sites. However, none have been quite as successful and well known. Some of the webs like,, and trying to HIT the spot with popularity over the dating world on the Internet.

Sugar Daddy Dating now and in the past has no difference except that now sugaring becomes a more online and worldwide thing. Unlike the women of the 20th century, the modern Sugar Baby takes a cue and pro tips from the influential Sugar pioneers of the 1500s-1700s. She’s more entrepreneurial, she knows what she wants and how to achieve it.

Many Sugar Daddy Dating websites have correspondent mobile applications to make a Sugar Life up to date while being outside of the home. The platform claims to have more than 10 million active users worldwide and share the same rules of joining as the webpage version. You shall earn not less than the desired amount of money to sign up as a Sugar Daddy. Rules are strict but for sure worth it.

Pioneer app in this field is of course (without any surprise) SeekingArrangement App. However, despite being the number 1 app for Sugar Babes and Daddies, it’s had been banned in China due to government issues and it’s censorship.

Other mobile apps (mostly copycats of their original websites) are fighting to reach the top of the market of Sugar Daddy Dating. Some of them have really high expectations and rules to join while other ones are less picky and let you sign up for free even you have nothing to do with being rich and wealthy older guys seeking for fun.

The problem of ban and censorship is not related only to SeekingArrangement Mobile Application as many of Sugar Daddy Dating pages are disappearing from the world wide web. The government institutions of countries like France and Belgium already put a hand on this kind of dating by either delete it or take a control over it. But it’s not a problem for a real Sugar Ladies out there…

Modern Sugar Babes which you can meet online are a strong, independent woman who just need a little bit of attention form an older guy and a little bit of his money. Society miss thinks to be a Sugar Baby as being a Prostitute. Those are totally 2 different things. Babe is doing this for fun… A prostitute is doing this since she has no choice. The debate about the differences between sugaring and prostitution is a long way and never-ending topic.

Becoming a Sugar Baby is not only about receiving expensive gifts. Being a sugar baby can allow you more freedom to pursue your dreams — but it's easy to get caught up in an unsustainable lifestyle and get lost on track. Who doesn’t want to live a lifestyle of rich and famous?

It seems like Sugar Daddy Websites and apps are the future of online romances and dating. Sugar daddy dating sites are growing really fast. This is the most fast developing industry out there. Back in early 20’s sugaring been in the shadows while now it’s on it’s highest peak. USA is the place where Sugar Daddy Dating heaven can be discovered however some Europeans countries like the UK and France are in the TOP 3.

Sugar Daddy Dating becoming mainstream. It’s pouring into entertainment media and pop culture these days in every way possible. Movies, TV series and even songs about being Sugar Babe are going viral across the world. We can see that young girls are dating older guys with no shame, self-embarrassment and guilty feeling due to that modern vibe. But is it safe?

Not every girl knows about it, but once they do, they go crazy and never want to come back to a normal, bored and often poor lifestyle. Once good looking, sexy and hot girls realize how much money they can make and how their lifestyle can be improved by monetizing their body, most will simply be unable to resist the temptation and do it over and over again. It’s easy to get into Sugaring trap but much more harder to get over it.

Most guys are tired of regular online games which might end up with no results, broken heart and disconnected chat. Let’s face the truth… In regular online dating, once the girl hooked up on you, she is “Gone with the Wind”. While becoming a Sugar Daddy gives you an ability to control girls’ interests in you and be on your demand. Example of such a role can be seen in well-known series “50 Shades of Grey” where sexual desires and wealthy lifestyle mixed up together.

Many guys meeting up with younger girls at least with a few years differences. There’s no shame to claim that this is a most typical model of relationship. Age differences might take even up to 15-20 years of age. If both sides can have benefited from it, why we do not continue to do Sugar Daddy Dating? Those days are a nice and comfortable way to meet and great ladies across the world if you have some money to spend. However, we shall remember that this type of dating is not for everyone. To be either Sugar Babe or Daddy you shall have a strong mind, abilities to say NO on proper timing and will to accept changes in your life.

The future is in our hands… However, it can be a tricky one! There’s no mistake. The sugar revolution is coming. Are you ready for this?

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