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The best ways to make a lasting impression on first millionaire date?

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So now that you’ve managed to ask the person out on a date, it is essential that you make your first outing count. There are certain unwritten rules that you need to follow if you're looking to impress your partner. Moreover, if you're heading out on your first date, these tips would certainly come in handy making it a lot easier to deal with.

Look good and wear comfortable clothes:


First impression is usually the last one too. If your partner perceives you as filthy and ugly, you stand no chance of impressing him/her. Also, choose an outfit that suits the occasion as well as the place. You might also use a good deodorant / cologne and perfume.

Stay calm:


Being nervous on your first date would only make things difficult for you. All you need to do is take a deep breath and think before you speak. People who are nervous often lose control and speak something that they don’t intend to.

Don’t pretend:

don't pretend

The prime purpose of going on a date is to know each other better when on a millionaire match. If you pretend to be someone that you're not, you would be setting the wrong tone right in the initial stages.

Be polite and carry a smile:

smile when dating

You might have heard this statement before – “Smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. All you need to do is follow it. However, this doesn’t give you the freedom of smiling right from the start to the end of your date. Nevertheless, maintaining a balance and showing that you're a pleasant person is essential.

Show interest in them:

show your interest

Ask about what they do to earn a living, their family, hobbies, movies and everything else that you feel you'd be able to connect with. Make sure you don’t make this sound like an interrogation. Maintaining a friendly tone is essential.

Behave politely with people in your surrounding:

be polite

It is not advised that you get into a brawl with any person. Indecent behavior is an instant turnoff. No woman would want to hangout with a person who is short tempered and has the tendency of creating awkward situations. It is also advised that you speak politely with waiters / staff and tip them well.

Offer to pay the bill:

show your generous

Even if your date is persistent about paying the bill, offer to pay at least for a drink or two. This is regarded as positive attitude and would certainly make an ever lasting impression.

Thanking your date:

say thank you

After the date, do not forget to thank your partner. A hand shake or a friendly hug is acceptable. You can say something like “thank you for making out time from your busy schedule and coming on this date with me.” This would make your date feel special and also set the tone for the next date.

These tips would certainly help you make a lasting impression on your first date.

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