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When you are trying to start millionaire dating online,honesty is normally the top of the agenda when you think about finding a partner for long lasting love, but it seems millionaires looking for partners of their dreams are not interested in honesty, they are also not that interested in the person being kind or being loyal; the shocking results from the survey have revealed that the top one thing millionaires are looking for is a good sense of humor, which was among 286 millionaires (28.6% of the millionaires surveyed) 3 things they are looking for. And intelligence and attractive appearance come to the second and third places.

What makes you win in millionaire dating?
1. a good sense of humor: 28.6%
2. intelligence: 25.7%
3. attractive appearance: 22.9%
4. Positive attitude: 14%
5. desire to be successful: 14%
6. a nice smile: 14%
7. passionate for life: 11.5%
8. kindness: 11.5%
9. honesty: 11.5%
10. a good heart: 8.6%

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